If nature wins, everyone wins

The world's first Tech Mining.

With liquidity, we ensure that Gold/Silver and many precious metals in scrap technologies are processed and profited and distributed to investors. There are many precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, Copper in the motherboards, ram and circuit boards of your old or broken devices that you do not use. With investments, all unused circuit boards on the market are purchased. The precious metals in these cards are separated by melting using some chemicals and processed into small metal masses. These masses are sometimes 100 times the scrap price of a scrapped circuit board.

The taxes applied in the trades of the investors are transferred to the Capital FUND, whereby tons of technological gadgets and circuit boards are purchased and processed as scrap, old, unused or irreparable. Some of the profit from this transaction is re-locked as liquidity and some is distributed to the HODLERs.

These processes take both time and effort. That's why we set the buy commission at 12% to make sure everyone remains an investor. We kept the sales tax at 12% at the beginning, in order to prevent investors from making losses, to prevent price fluctuations and to maintain price balance, to prevent premature whales. These taxes will be reduced day by day and will eventually be removed or minimized.

You can access all the details about slippage and taxation from the charts below.



More than 50 million tons of e-waste is generated in the world every year, and if this continues, an estimated 74 million tons of e-waste will be generated by 2030. Less than 20 percent of that can be recycled, meaning about $57 billion of gold, silver, copper, palladium and other high-value metals are wasted.

Melting & Processing

We target metal trapped inside unused electronics and extract them in seconds.


With $EX Mining, it reduces the impact of electronic waste, protects valuable products and helps drive a circular economy.


While Mining & Mining Exchange (EX) is relatively new, scientists and engineers are working to make it ready for mass use. Dividing the profits into equal denominators, funding the liquidity and distributing the 20% profit to the HODLERs.



Information on Short Term Earnings

Disadvantages of Short-term Investments

Fewer privileges are given for short-term investments.

Not being able to benefit from HODL conditional and high return guaranteed offers.

Less wins with fewer wallet bonuses.

Rewards Waiver and Taxation.

Information on HODLER Earnings/h2>

Advantages of doing HODL

Making the most of all the privileges.

Regular income opportunity

Participating and winning free sweepstakes, campaigns, bonuses and prizes.

Free $EX token, BNB or BUST that is automatically sent during the HODL period.

Randomly sent rewards and surprises..

No data and no commissions.


Briefly familiarize yourself with the function and recycling of $EX Token

Funds in the range of 1% - 20% are allocated from liquidity.

The funds allocated are spent on the purchase of scrapped technological devices such as circuit boards, computers and telephones.

Metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, Copper, Aluminum, Platinum in the scraps collected from the market are separated by melting with sulfuric acids and recycled by processing. It is sold in its own market (Jewellery market, etc.)

After the profit made, the entire amount of funds taken from the liquidity is returned to the liquid again. 20% of the profit is distributed to the HODLERs, some of it is re-liquidized and locked.

Awareness-raising $EX Token, by reducing the consumption of natural resources, protects nature and natural resources, and offers the maximum profit opportunity to both the economy and investors.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Project Name

Electronic Mining & Mineral Exchange



Token Symbol


Tokens Offered


EX is developing the first awareness project in the world. The steps of this development and the upcoming calendar. Powered by smart contracts.


Our advisors and board members are great part of our team.

General manager, Coindexin
Legal Advisort
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Programmer, Planning Chief
Financial Advisor
Our Partners


Download the whitepaper and learn about the unique $EX Token approach and the team/advisors.

White Paper (2022)


Below we’ve provided a bit of $EX Token, cryptocurrencies information. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is $EX Token?

It is a project to recycle all precious metals, especially gold/silver, in the circuit board by purchasing electronic circuit boards.

It can be purchased with all coins/altcoins/tokens using the BSC/BEP20 Network. For example: BNB/USDT/BUST pairs etc.

Just keep it in your wallet. $EX Token will be sent to your wallet as a bonus for the time you keep it in your wallet.

With the funds obtained through $EX Token, scrap circuit boards are purchased and precious metals are separated and sold. Profit from here is divided into percentages. First, the money taken from the liquidity fund is transferred back to the liquidity. It is divided into 50% - 50% from the remaining profit. The first 50% is transferred to company earnings, 30% is transferred to liquidity and locked, 20% is distributed to HODLERs. The distribution of 20% here is calculated against the number of $EX Tokens in your wallet.

How can I buy?

To purchase $EX Tokens, you will first need a cold wallet such as Matemask or TrustWallet that allows you to transact on the BSC/BEP20 network.

You can buy it with PancakeSwap, or PooCoin. We are trying to buy from exchanges such as 1inch, BabySwap and DODO soon.

There is a 12% tax deduction as purchase tax. The taxes you pay here are levied to preserve liquidity, redistribute it to HODLERs, and prevent whales and users from harming them.

What Kind of Campaigns Will Be Made?

To ensure that our traders always make profits and HODL for a long time, we automatically send $EX Tokens for free to anyone who holds $EX Tokens in their wallets. We also organize AirDrop campaigns, paid & free entries and sweepstakes.

HODLERs earn $EX Tokens for free as long as they hold $EX Tokens in their wallet. In addition, randomly selected wallets such as Extra $EX Token, BNB, BUST are sent. Free $EX Token or BNB/BUST is distributed with conditionally requested tasks (joining Telegram Group, Retweet, etc.). This and many other free campaigns are announced on our Twitter/Telegram channels.

Paid campaigns are a type of campaign in which users participate with minimum and maximum payments. For example, let's assume that a campaign is started with a participation fee in the range of 1-5$. Users join the campaign by paying a minimum of 1$ and a maximum of 5$. With the amount of money accumulated here, a special advertisement is given to attract foreign investors. Thanks to the advertisements, the $EX Token gains value and the earnings during this advertisement period are calculated in direct proportion to the amount sent by the users participating in the campaign and are paid to the winners. This and many other paid campaigns are announced via Twitter/Telegram channels.

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